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A Video Call to Action

It's time for people who spend their lives trying to understand the world to have a bigger impact on it.

Current and prospective members can receive commissions when members from their personal and professional networks have been added to our network based on their initial recommendation. We split our commissions 50/50 with referrers for all interviews completed by recommended members as either interviewees or interviewers during their first six months in the Cotheorist network.

Join a new kind of expert network.
Leaders addressing unprecedented social and technological changes need to collaborate with subject matter experts (SMEs) from industry and academia more than ever. This is especially apparent as businesses address emerging environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns alongside the maturation of exponential technologies like artificial intelligence and the unintended consequences of the Digital Age. We help our clients make better decisions through video interviews and ongoing collaborations with some of the world's best minds across industry, STEM, behavioral science, social science, and the humanities.
Journalists are invited to our network alongside business clients. While most US media interviews are unpaid, they allow our members to help shape public discourse as well as corporate decisions at the highest level. Cotheorist is a peer network, so members can be either clients or experts depending on the project. In addition to participating in paid SME interviews, experts can also create online profiles to connect directly with those seeking advice beyond corporate research projects, such as for professional development and personal use, for a reduced hourly rate. We leverage expertise from around the world, offer tax-deductible charitable donations when interviewees prefer them over receiving funds directly, and have interview opportunities for a range of career stages.

Girl Reading

Early career researchers, grad students, and industry professionals receive $250-500+ (USD) per hour for SME interviews


Mid-senior researchers, journalists, and industry professionals receive $300-600+ per hour for SME interviews

Author Interview

Senior researchers, business executives, and public intellectuals receive $350-800+ per hour for SME interviews

If you've made it this far, you're cordially invited to apply and check out our public intellectualism initiative called Human Science.


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